Employee Assistance and Mental Health Program​

Employee Assistance Program and Mental Health Services for Supervisors and Managers

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Empowering you withinformation to better support your staff emotional and physical wellbeing.

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The resources are designed to guide you in supporting youremployees to build a successfully career and life.

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These series of webinars aims to guide you through general concept of leadership, and help you understand and support your team.

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Season Specific

Resources to guide your staff throughout the seasonal changes such as how to work from home with kids, handling backto -school, and how to cope with the holidays.

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Service Guides

Information and resources that help youbetter manage the issuesthat impact your staff personal and professional wellbeing. Also, legal consultations and online forms.

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Dealing with a traumaticevent and its aftermath can be traumatic. Remind your staff they are never alone. Here are some useful resources to help prepare and protect them and their family.

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Mental Health

The free and confidential resources to help you navigate employees emotional, psychological, and social well-being. And how to han dle stress and make healthychoices.

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Additional Resources

Access additional resources, articles, training, and more.

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Coaching, Counseling and Work-Life Resources

Life presents us with challenges at work and at home on a daily basis. You do not have to face these alone, even if you’re far away.

Self-guide and coach-guided support for resilience, stress and mental health.

Short-term counseling with the Uprise Health national provider network.

24-hour crisis support available by phone 1-800-386-7055.

Work-life resources to help with life's challenges.